Helping restore hope to those suffering from domestic, sexual or other violence.

The mission of Help Restore Hope Center is to lend support and offer free services to put you and your loved ones on the road to a safer, happier, more independent life. No matter when the violence occurred, or whether you wish to report it to the police, we will provide linkages to safe housing, crisis counseling, advocacy, and long-term solutions.

Free Confidential Services That Save Lives

Liberty Resources Help Restore Hope Center is formerly known as the Victims of Violence Program. Our program services take a leadership role in Madison and Chenango Counties, New York by providing services for survivors, education, and prevention on domestic violence, child abuse, dating violence and other forms of abuse. Here are some of the free services and programs offered:

  • 24 Hour Hotline 1-855-966-9723, Madison & Chenango Counties
  • Emergency Housing Assistance for Survivors
  • Crisis & Short Term Domestic Violence and Assault Survivor Counseling
  • Information & Referrals
  • Advocacy with Legal Proceedings
  • Support Groups
  • Community Education & Training  
  • NYC Crime Victims Assistance
  • Assistance with Family Court Petitions
  • Adult & Child Therapy

computer mouseAn Important Note About Internet Safety

Before you proceed, remember that communication over the internet is not confidential and can be traced. If you feel unsafe using the Internet, the best thing is to use a computer at your local library or at a friend’s house. When using the computer at home, learn how to remove recently visited websites from your PC by clicking below to get information about Internet Safety.


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If you are in immediate danger, dial 911.




Madison & Chenango Counties, NY