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Madison & Chenango Counties

Currently enrolled college students are invited to inquire about both undergraduate and graduate level internships with the Help Restore Hope Center. The best candidates for internships with the Center are students who are available during business hours most of the week, Monday-Friday. Although there is no set schedule required of interns, there is a requirement for the majority of the internship hours to be completed when staff are working during the day to ensure an excellent learning experience for the intern. The intern is matched to a Center staff member that will help them navigate the internship placement, complete any supervising paperwork, and regularly touch base with them.

The Center requires all accepted interns to undergo a background check prior to beginning an internship with Liberty Resources.

The Center reserves the right to select interns based on information provided, that they feel will be a good fit for the student’s learning needs and environment.

The internship experience with the Center is a unique hands-on learning experience with a variety of activities, and one in which after receiving the appropriate training, interns are able to work with clients in supervised direct service, in conjunction and with the supervision of, staff advocates for undergraduate studies, and therapists for graduate clinical studies. Undergraduate candidates are welcome to apply within the scope of human services, criminal justice, psychology, human development, or similar degree programs. Clinical candidates for internship are accepted in the studies of social work, mental health counseling, and marriage and family therapy and will be able to receive clinical supervision during their internship.

Interested students may visit the Liberty Resources page on internships, to view and apply for internship opportunities, here.

During periods of low staffing or high client utilization seasons, the Center may not be able to accept interns and reserves the right to do so as needed.  When applying, please give enough time before the beginning of the internship semester for proper consideration, and later, background check process (this takes anywhere from 2-3 weeks to complete). Preference is given to longer-term, at least one semester, candidates, and candidates who express a desire to work with survivors to learn about trauma.