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Madison & Chenango Counties

The Mission Statement of Help Restore Hope Center is "To assist individuals and families in need of achieving an improved quality of life by providing residential and non-residential services tailored to meet their particular needs."

Help Restore Hope Center provides free and confidential services to those affected by sexual assault, domestic violence or other violent crimes in Madison and Chenango Counties, New York. Services are available to all survivors, family members and friends regardless of when the abuse or crime occurred or whether they choose to report it to the police. In addition to services provided to victims, The Center takes a leadership role in the community by providing education and prevention services on issues related to sexual assault, child abuse, domestic violence and dating violence.

The Center’s service philosophy is that any act of aggression, coercion or hostility that violates a person's physical or emotional well-being is an act of violence; any recipient of such violence is a survivor and has the right to safety, understanding and caring support. The Center holds that any act of violence is unacceptable. The Center will promote the idea that all people have a right to say no to violence in any form. Further, the Center holds that survivors have the right to information, appropriate medical and legal attention, linkage to appropriate service providers, and advocacy at any point in the process of dealing with their victimization.

Staff provides immediate services to survivors via telephone contact. Upon the request of a survivor, they will personally provide comfort and support to the survivor, family member and friends in the emergency room, in the courtroom, at the police station, and in dealings with other service agencies. They may also, depending on the qualification, provide emergency housing. Referrals, information, and explanations of the ramifications of each option will be provided. Program staff will support the decision of the victim and never instruct victims as to what they should do; rather they listen, empathize, inform, and support victims in any way possible.

The Center offers services to all people affected by rape, domestic violence, and related acts of violence regardless of sex, race, religion, orientation, or age. The Center promotes the idea that all should be treated fairly and without prejudice.