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Madison & Chenango Counties

Help Restore Hope Center offers a variety of support groups for survivors of domestic and sexual assault. Since this list is always evolving, please call for information on current groups being offered.

Support Groups Available through the Help Restore Hope Center

Domestic violence is any form of abusive behavior of one partner toward another. It can be mental or physical abuse; but regardless of the type of domestic violence, it can cause serious consequences to the victims. According to the National Violence against Women Survey in 2000, “One in every four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime.”

The Help Restore Hope Center offers support group opportunities to help counsel victims of domestic & sexual abuse. Domestic Violence Support Groups provide hope and healing for victims/survivors overcoming abuse!

All groups are free and confidential!

Domestic Violence Education Group

This educational group is offered to any victim of domestic violence. The purpose of the education classes is to create an understanding of the dynamics of domestic violence, to look at the self-esteem, self-confidence of victims, and to help victims realize that the abuse is not their fault. In addition, victims can learn about various community resources that can offer assistance and support with issues related to domestic violence.

"Empowered" Women's Support Group

This support group is offered to female victims of domestic violence. It is an ongoing support group where women can participate for up to two years. It is a place where victims/survivors can share their inner feelings with others that are going through the same experiences. Survivors lean on each other for support, advice, guidance and encouragement. In addition to support, the group offers an educational component that addresses issues such as understanding the impact of abuse, abuse related issues, common responses to domestic violence experiences and looking toward the future.

Yoga & Mindful Meditation Series

This series is offered to individuals impacted by sexual violence - more information on dates available, see events calender. Participants will be able to learn techniques to manage stress due to the impact of sexual violence as well as learn a variety of mindulness and yoga practices for self-care and wellbeing.  

Workshop Series

This series of workshops offer a glimpse of different holistic approaches to healing from trauma. Workshops may consist of learning basic moves of yoga, experiencing various resources to self-care, to introducing survivors to various forms of therapy such as Painting Therapy, Music Therapy and Adventure Therapy and Therapeutic Drumming. No art experience or skills nesessary.